2014 Financial Independence Progress Summary

We have reached the end of year 2014 and it is time to look back at some important dates in my humble journey towards Financial Independence.

  • 01/2014
    • Hired a financial planner and got a gut check of where our finances stand
  • 03/2014
    • Tracked my budget for two months
    • Found most of the expenses I had missed in the original budget
  • 04/2014
    • Started my first investments in Vanguard
  • 07/2014
    • Started tracking my progress via this blog
  • 12/2014
    • Wrapping up my first year end of my humble journey to financial independence.

It is very humbling to see where I have come in my first year of the financial independence journey. Admittedly, I did not start with nothing or even negative worth like so many of the bloggers, but I was equally if not more “financially lost” than most of the financial independence bloggers out there.

From when I started tracking my progress (07/2014) to this date (12/2014), what have I achieved? The table below should summarize the progress from 04/2014 to 12/2014 i.e. across 8 months.

04/2014 to 12/2014
Emergency Fund ($72K) 100% 100%
College Fund (80K) 0.00% 31.04%
Passive Income Streams ($4000 pm) 0% 7.36%
Retirement Fund ($900K) 46% 53.91%
Roof for our Family ($1 mil) 0% 0%
Medical Fund 0% 0%
Life Insurance 0% 100% (term life insurance)

I am most proud of having started the Passive Income streams after having studied many of the blogs written by wonderful people like Dividend Mantra, Mr. Money Mustache, Mad Fientist, Financially Integrated, Financial Samurai, Afford Anything, Project 3 million, $25000 Dividends….uff….the list is too long to list. Thanks to all of the people who blog and share their wisdom. And thanks to Vanguard for making the process very easy to learn and start.


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