DIGIT savings….2015 year end update

In February of this year (2015), I stumbled on a new way to save some additional money. That new way was called DIGIT…my first post on DIGIT is here. It is a new way of squeezing out some extra cash from my bank account. My goal was to squeeze some leftover money after accounting for all the budgeted categories (expenses, savings and investment goals). Every time the DIGIT savings account accumulated to a couple hundred bucks, my plan was to withdraw it and apply towards my Financial Independence goals….more specifically, my home down payment fund. I had a few monthly updates that  I wrote about here here. But, once the savings picked up steam and became regular, I stopped the monthly updates….why bore people hey 😉

That said, this is the end of year 2015 already. So, how well did DIGIT save money for me this year?

  • $184.34        Dec
  • $440.51        Oct + Nov
  • $280             September
  • $302.06       August
  • $654.03        July
  • $296.64       June
  • $161.86        May
  • $238.29       April
  • $2692.51     Total for 2015

The amazing thing is that this is money, all $2692.51 of it, that I did not know I could save! In fact, I am pretty sure I would have spent it on something if it were to remain in my checking account. This is almost $2600 towards my home down payment fund without as much as batting an eyelid.

DIGIT savings is an opportunistic savings vehicle for me…in addition to my planned monthly savings towards home down payment. I am really glad I signed up for DIGIT in 2015 and will continue for the next year as well!

PS: If you want to sign up and try it out, go directly to Digit’s website here at https://digit.co/

Link to Yahoo Article: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/29-old-invented-painless-way-170000170.html


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