Financial Independence Progress Report for September 2016

September was another slow month. History says that September is more often than not a volatile month. But, I did not see enough volatility and hence no deals to take advantage of. Let us see what the numbers say for September.

Emergency Fund $60K 100.0%
College Fund (80K) 44.92% 45.65%
Passive Income (2015 vs 2016) $1036.87 (09/2015) $1176.74  (09/2016)
Retirement Fund ($900K) 65.01% 66.36%
Roof for our Family($750K) 00.00%
Medical Fund 00.00%
Life Insurance Done (term life insurance payments initiated)

Main Takeaways this month

  • Portfolio Increases (in green above)
    • As blog readers last month pointed out, many numbers are green this month also! I am thankful for that.
  • Portfolio changes
    • No portfolio changes this month….still adding to the cash fund I set up July. I did spend some of this money on VTMGX and VWELX (Vanguard Wellington) on a small dip in Financials but no major buy as the markets were more or less flat.
  • Passive Income Stream
    • Passive Income for September 2016 ($1176.74) is appx 10% higher that September 2015 ($1036.87). Where is the additional money coming from?
      • A decent portion of the increase is from VTMGX (Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund) dividend payout.
    • Why VTMGX?
      • I started diversifying my passive income streams across geographies last year and boosted it a lot more this year. The world is much more volatile nowadays and it is hard to predict where the next problem will come from.
      • So, I wanted to spread my portfolio’s risk across many countries of the world. 15% of my passive income investments is outside the US….when I see some good deals, I will increase my exposure outside the US but I will choose a different fund…I want another fund diversify fund risk and fund manager risk as well.
      • But, this will come later. If you want more details on VTMGX, please get it directly from the horse’s mouth: VTMGX.
    • My goal is to reach $750 pm by end of this year…September is done…and my monthly dividends are still at $557 pm.
      • Target Dividend: $9000 pa
      • Current Dividend (year to date): $6770
      • Balance to make up in the next 3 months
        • $9000 – $6770  => $2230 over the next 3 months
      • It all depends  on December being a good month….crossing my fingers!
      • I have kept some cash aside to invest in a dip….the temptation to get to $750 in passive income per month was very high in September and I could could not resist and burnt some of it…..But, I will wait this month for a market dip. October is historically volatile…so, maybe there will be an opportunity.

6 thoughts on “Financial Independence Progress Report for September 2016

  1. All your updates seem to be good as always HumbleFI 🙂 Slow and steady definitely wins the race, it’s better to be diversified and spread your risk than have it all concentrated, so I like your VTMGX move.

    I really hope you beat your dividends goal, but it’s okay if you don’t. You’ll get there in the long run, don’t rush it just to beat a goal.



    • Thanks for dropping by! Ahh…I have my failures…trust me on this one. October is going to be one small example. But, I will take any winnings I get. An increase of $1000 year-over-year implies I bought myself appx 9 days of freedom. Hopefully the reinvested $1000 will buy me more days over time. So, yes…green is good.

      Thanks for the good word on patience….appreciate it.


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